Welcome to Michigan Business Women

President's Welcome

Dear MBW Members,

Welcome to Michigan Business Women BBA! We are excited for another year building bonds with our wonderful members that will last a lifetime! Check out our calendar and sign-up for our newsletters for general information and upcoming events. Get ready for a semester full of surprises - this is going to be a year like no other. 

We look forward to seeing you and all that you will accomplish!


Jennifer Hill & Alyssa Berry

Our mission is simple

The purpose of Michigan Business Women is to make sure that driven, ambitious, and successful women, like yourself, have the resources to be just that; driven, ambitious and successful. You keep being you, we will connect you to the right people to make it happen.


Professional Development

Whether you need a second glance at a resume, pointers on interviewing, or networking tips - we've got you covered. Our upperclassmen mentors have been there and have the inside scoop on how to best navigate the recruiting process and lock in your DREAM INTERNSHIP.   

Social & Networking

As the largest female alumni base at Ross, our members are everything. We understand that social and academic balance is important so we make sure to give our members the support to land their dream internship and opportunities to LET LOOSE and have a LITTLE FUN along the way.


Every year we work with high-schools across Michigan to empower girls to be confident in their passions and to pursue a career in business. We also partner with woman's charities like Dress for Success, and complete fundraisers to support all woman in their pursuit to THINK BIG & SUCCEED.